Foodie Friday

It was a bit rainy in Los Angeles this weekend, but a great excuse to whip up some soup. Luckily I only set off the fire alarm once.

I made a roasted tomato and red pepper soup from this recipe:


And my apartment smelled like Rosemary and Thyme heaven!! Why have I never cooked with fresh herbs before? Unfortunately I made this batch a little too spicy, but I’ll be prepared for the next rainy day.


The rest of the week:

Breakfast: homemade green smoothie (I’m trying to stop with the muffins)

Lunch: kale salad!

I was so inspired by the kale salad I had last week that I decided to make it myself inspired by:

I just omitted the barley (it has gluten) and lightened up on the feta (dairy is sadly bad, but I’m transitioning…)


Also some veggie chips and trader joe’s Over the rainbow trail mix.

Pretty darn tasty. I highly recommend letting the kale marinate overnight in the dressing. And also massaging the kale – who said you can’t play with your food?

I’ve also started my lunches off with a couple tablespoons of Farmhouse Culture organic, raw kraut for healthy probiotics. I love pickles and cabbage so this has been a delicious way to get healthy probiotics in my gut without consuming dairy.

Dinner:  and one of best meals was going to Gracias Madre, a vegetarian restaurant on Melrose! Typically you network over drinks, but I got their fresh squeezed strawberry juice – amazing!

I have to report that my skin is definitely loving me back. Less acne, less redness, less oil. It’s all been very motivating to stick to my new dietary guidelines and cut out processed foods, sugars, dairy, and meat. I’m starting to invest in glass bottles for my smoothies and an insulated tote to hold on my daily yumminess.

What are your favorite lunch recipes?

Stay healthy!


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